Puck Food Hall

A fantastic neighborhood hangout with a variety of restaurants. They serve delicious cuisine and beverages. The ambience is warm and welcoming, as is the service. Puck Food Hall is located near the Lorraine Hotel in downtown Memphis.

They have a wonderful small set up with plenty of seats. Gelato, bakery, handmade pasta, pizza, Asian food, Mexican food, a salad bar, and a coffee bar are among the stands. It's a terrific alternative for a group of people who all want to eat something different.


Puck Food Hall invites you to experience a diverse and well chosen menu of eating alternatives all under one historic roof. The hall provides a variety of distinct but consistently good experiences by representing the breadth of abilities and eclectic natures of Memphians.

Puck, the timeless imp who has reigned over the building for almost a century, has been a part of culinary legend since the early 1500s, but he is best known for confusing Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers in A Midsummer Night's Dream. He now invites you to Puck Food Hall, which he describes as "fun-loving and delightfully surprising."

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

William Shakespeare's comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream was composed in 1595 or 1596. The play is set in Athens and features multiple subplots centered on Theseus and Hippolyta's marriage. A fight between four Athenian lovers is one of the subplots. Another scene follows a group of six amateur actors as they rehearse the play that will be performed before the wedding. Both parties end themselves in a forest inhabited by fairies who influence people while being engrossed in their own family drama. The play is one of Shakespeare's most well-known and is frequently performed.

Within the play, one can argue that the fairies mock love by misunderstanding the lovers and injecting a love potion into Queen Titania's eyes, causing her to fall in love with a donkey. Both couples are plagued by issues in the forest. Puck meets both Hermia and Lysander in the forest, providing some comedic relief in the play by perplexing the four lovers. The play does, however, refer to serious subjects. Hippolyta and Theseus, who are blissfully married at the end of the play, are able to appreciate and laugh at the play about the tragic lovers, Pyramus and Thisbe. Helena and Demetrius are completely ignorant of the dark side of their relationship and what may have transpired as a result of the events in the forest.

What are People Saying?

"I have been wanting to try this place for the last few moments and finally got a chance to visit. Enjoyed it very much!! The new order kiosk makes contactless ordering easy..."

"The staff was super great. They make tasty drinks and provide fantastic recommendations. Seriously improved the quality of our day. They are just friendly and funny people!"

"Puck Food Hall is a great place in a wonderful, old building. There is a good sized patio for outside eating as well. There are several vendors for a variety of different options."